Lipides, Nutrition, Cancer
Séminaires LNC
Année 2013

Intervenant : Pr Paul Vanhoutte
Date : 30 septembre 2013 - 17h30
Lieu : Faculté de Médecine - Amphi Martin (1er étage)
Sujet :Endothelial dysfunction : regenerate to slow aging

Background: Prior to his move to Asia in 2003, Pr Paul VANHOUTTE was Director of the Center for Experimental Therapeutics, Department of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas (1989-1995), and Consultant to the Department of Physiology and Biophysics and Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota (1981-1989); Vice President of Research and Development at the Institut de Recherches Internationales Servier, Courbevoie, France (1992-2002).

Paul VANHOUTTE is one of the fathers of vascular biology. Among his great contributions, he demonstrated that endothelium modulates vasomotor response to vasoactive products (including serotonin) that are released when platelets aggregate in an artery. He found in arteries ex vivo that when endothelium is dysfunctional, in atherosclerosis or hypertension, normal relaxation to aggregation of platelets is impaired, and vessels may contract. He proposed that this mechanism may predispose to vasospasm. He is a pioneer in what might be called “translational endothelial biology.”

 PubMed: > 900 articles.  h-index: 113


Invitation: Luc Rochette UMR866

Le séminaire aura lieu à la Faculté de Médecine Dijon, Amphi Martin à 17h30

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