Lipides, Nutrition, Cancer
Séminaires LNC
Année 2013

Intervenant : Dr Gernot Zissel
Institut :University of Freiburg
Center for Medicine
Dept. of Pneumology, Germany
Date : 06 Février 2014 - 14h00
Lieu : Faculté de Médecine - Salle Klepping
Sujet :

Macrophage Activation in Lung disease – CCL18 as a Marker of M2 activation

Background: Alveolar macrophages are the most prominent cell found in broncho-alveolar lavage. In many lung diseases these cells are activated and release mediator influencing the cell activation of immune- and non-immune cells in the lung. In analogy to cytokine-release patterns in T cell biology, macrophages have also been characterized by their cytokine pattern - in so called pro-inflammatory M1 and in M2 cells fostering repair and neo-vascularization. A marker product of M1 cells is TNF; in M2 cells we regard CCl18 as a marker mediator in human cells. CCL18 is released in high amounts by alveolar macrophages and can also be detected in serum and other body fluids. It is increased in diseases associated with M2 activation such as pulmonary fibrosis and cancer. Although it is said that CCL18 is a chemoattractant for T-cells, there are only weak associations with T-cell numbers and signs of activation. In addition, during the last few years several possible CCL18 receptors have been identified. These receptors belong to different groups of receptors with restricted expression on certain cell types resulting in a broad range of activation patterns induced by CCL18.
This talk will address the modes of activation of M1 and M2 cells as well as the consequences of cell activation by the marker mediators of the macrophage subtypes. In addition, the role of CCL18 in cellular processes will be elucidated


Relevant Publications:

  1. Ploenes T, Scholtes B, Krohn A, Burger M, Passlick B, Müller-Quernheim J, Zissel G. CC-chemokine ligand 18 induces epithelial to mesenchymal transition in lung cancer A549 cells and elevates the invasive potential.PLoS One. 2013.
  2. Plönes T, Krohn A, Burger M, Veelken H, Passlick B, Müller-Quernheim J, Zissel G. Serum level of CC-chemokine ligand 18 is increased in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer and correlates with survival time in adenocarcinomas. PLoS One. 2012.
  3. Höhne K, Schließmann SJ, Kirschbaum A, Plönes T, Müller-Quernheim J, Tenor H, Zissel G. Roflumilast-N-oxide induces surfactant protein expression in human alveolar epithelial cells type II PLoS One. 2012.

Invitation: Philippe Bonniaud UMR866

Le séminaire aura lieu à la Faculté de Médecine Dijon, Salle Klepping à 14h00

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