UMR 1231, LNC, Lipides, Nutrition, Cancer Université de Bourgogne Institut National de la Santé Et de la Recherche Médicale Université de Bourgogne

"Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer" LNC

The Research Centre UMR1231- LNC was initially created as UMR866 "Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer-LNC" on 1 January 2007 and is the result of a joint programme of several groups which led to the signature of a four-year contract with INSERM, the University of Burgundy and the EPHE. The founding teams of the LNC Research Centre are from INSERM units U498 ("Intravascular metabolism of lipoproteins"), U517 ("Cell death and cancer"), and EPI-106 ("Epidemiology of digestive cancers"). This structure was created by Eric Solary, then Laurent Lagrost became the head of the structure. Other groups from the UFR des Sciences de la Vie, CNRS and ENSBANA (now AgroSup) joined the unit for the 2007-2011 contract. During the second contract 2012-2016, the LNC Research Centre comprised 8 distinct groups, i.e. 218 people (87 researchers/teaching researchers + 68 technicians/engineers + 19 post-doctoral students + 44 PhD students).

On 1 January 2017, the unit became UMR1231. The EA4271 GAD directed by Laurence Faivre and an ERC team created by Lionel Apetoh then joined the LNC Centre. The structure includes 9 teams of 269 people (104 researchers/teaching researchers + 87 technicians/engineers + 18 post-doctoral students + 60 doctoral students). On 1 January 2020, Professor François Ghiringhelli became the unit's director.

This structure generates its scientific wealth through the diversity of its themes, which involve high-level and internationally recognised researchers in fields as varied as cancer biology (C Garrido), pulmonary fibrosis (P Bonniaud), TNF signalling (O Micheau) tumour immunology (L Apetoh and F Ghiringhelli), lipid metabolism and stress (L Lagrost and D Masson), pharmacokinetics and dynamics of apolipoproteins, epidemiology of digestive cancer and haematology (C Lepage, M Maynadie), developmental genetics (L Faivre and C Thauvin), mouse neurogenetics (B Yalcin), translational haematology (M Callanan and L Delva).

Head of the LNC Research center, Pr : François Ghiringhelli

  • Institut National de la Santé Et de la Recherche Médicale
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  • L'Inserm en région Grand-Est
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